Frequently Asked Questions

How much are the delivery costs?
Delivery times also vary depending on the product / products you've ordered. The easiest way to see the delivery costs is by placing an item / items into your shopping cart. You will see the delivery cost after you have chosen your preferred method of payment and the way of delivery.

How long does your shipping take?
Orders are always shipped quickly. For online payments, items are shipped the same day (if your order reaches us before 3 p.m.). Shipping takes 1-2 business days from the time the package leaves us. If you pay by wire transfer from a Nordea account, your payment reaches us immediately, so your order will be shipped the same day. For customers of any other banks, the order is shipped as soon as the payment reaches our account. On average, it will take 1-2 business days after the transaction.

How are ovulation and pregnancy tests shipped?
All orders are shipped in discreet packaging for your privacy. No third party can predict what your letter contains.

Does the outside temperature have anything to do with shipping testing products?
Heat or cold does not harm the tests during shipping. For example, if the tests have been in your mailbox with a sub-zero temperature outside, it is a good idea to keep them at room temperature for a couple of hours before doing the test.

How accurate are the ovulation and pregnancy tests?
If performed according to the manufacturer's instructions, they are as accurate as laboratory tests.

What is the best time of day to take an ovulation test? Why does early morning urine not provide a good sample?
Unlike the pregnancy test kit, morning (the first visit to the toilet in the morning) is not the best time to collect samples for ovulation tests, as LH is synthesized in your body in the morning and will not appear in your urine until the afternoon. The ideal time to collect a urine sample is in the afternoon, though testing may safely take place from 10 am to early evening.
If urine from the first visit to the toilet in the morning is used for the test, the first day of the LH surge may not be detected. The best time to provide urine for the test is between 10:00 A.M. and 8:00 P.M. Always try to collect it at about the same time each day.
During the night, the level of urine has accumulated in your bladder for a long time (up to 7-12 hours) so the level of LH in your urine is diluted and lower than normal. It´s just the opposite with pregnancy tests which measure the level of hCG hormone in your urine. Early morning urine contains the strongest concentration of hCG hormone and that is why you should use early morning urine when taking the pregnancy test. The most important fact, however, is to take the test at about the same time each day. The ideal time to collect a urine sample is in the afternoon, though testing may safely take place from 10 am to early evening.

Are your tests of good quality?
Absolutely. All our tests are CE approved which means that they meet the requirements of applicable EC directives.

My pregnancy test says I am pregnant. What should I do next?
Congratulations! Contact your local Mother Care Clinic for instructions on what to do next.