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  • Do you know if you and your partner are fertile? Infertility affects about 10-15 percent of all couples of reproductive age. The Babystart Fertility Test Package Can Help You Find Out! You get a result in 10 seconds for a woman and 15 minutes for a man, and the results are as much as 99% and 97% reliable. The pack contains 2 male and 2 female fertility tests

    Fertility test for men & women 4-pack | BABYSTART

    49,90 €

  • A Babystart fertility test for women, which shows whether you have reduced fertility or not. The test is simple and performed at home. The results are displayed within 5 minutes and are 99% safe. Two tests per package

    Fertility test for women FertilCheck 2-pack | BABYSTART

    22,90 €

  • Babystart fertility friendly lubricant 75ml

    Babystart fertility friendly lubricant 75ml

    22,90 €