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Lansinoh’s 2-in-1 Electric Breast Pump is the ultimate choice for women who want both comfort and flexibility when they are expressing their breast milk as the lightweight design means it can be used as either a single or double electric breast pump.

Lightweight and powerful double breast pump

The Lansinoh 2in1 Double Breast Pump is powerful - with a double pump you get more milk in less time. The breast pump is designed to be hygienic, the milk does not go into the tubs, so there is no need to clean them. You can use the breast pump with one or two tubs depending on the situation. A large LCD display on the breast pump that controls the functions easily. The screen is also displayed at nighttime.

The double breast pump has three pump rhythms - three individual and effective alternatives that mimic the baby's natural lymph. The pump has an adjustable suction power that you can easily adjust to your own pump rhythm; maximum milk yield vs comfort. Adjustable 2-Phase Suction Strain Phase 1 (Stimulation): Fast rhythm stimulates and starts milk flow; Step 2 (suction phase): Slower and more effective suction milks milk gently.

Included in the package are two bottles stands that prevent the milk from spilling from the bottles and the ComfortFit ™ breast cushion that are soft and comfortable against the chest (2 funnel sizes included).

BPA and BPS free

Works: Both AC and battery powered - 6 AA batteries (not included)