• Teddykompaniet Teddy Heaters warm plush bunny
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Teddykompaniet - Teddy Heaters warm plush bunny

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A sweetly soft thermal toy for a child. Helps with stomach aches and secures a good night's sleep.
Teddykompaniet Teddy Heaters warm plush bunny

The soft squishy heat toy comforts and serves as a help in everyday life both as a heating pad and as a cold pack. The bunny stays upright and brightens up the children's room from a shelf or on top of a dresser. Take out the stuffing bag from inside the toy - lets play puppet show.

Inside the Teddy Heaters thermal toy is a small bag filled with tourmaline mineral beads. You can safely heat the bag in the microwave or put the bag in the freezer for an hour, so you can quickly get a cold pack from the toy.

When heated, Teddy Heaters bring quick relief to stomach problems, also for colic children. The heat helps with the child's muscle and joint pains, and with falling asleep. The heating toy is also a good heater in the pram in cold weather.

A cold pack helps with minor accidents. What would be nicer than when a little baby hurts, press the cute cold Teddy Heaters on the sore spot and soon the child will feel better.

Noteworthy! The recommended age of the product is 3 years, if the product is used with younger children, parents should be especially careful.

Size: 35cm

Washing instructions: machine wash at 40 degrees. Do not wash the filling bag, it should be taken apart during washing.

Safety: approved and CE marked according to EN71.