Pacifier holders for child Oh Dubidú

Oh Dubidu pacifierholder

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Spanish handmade Oh Dubidú pacifier holder. The perfect with BIBS ring pacifiers. High quality and safe to use.
Spanish handmade Oh Dubidú pacifier holder. Pacifier holder is made of high quality cotton cord recycled from the European fashion industry surplus.

Material: Cotton 90-97%

Length: 21-22 cm.

Hand made in Spain.

Safety: Oh Dubidú pacifier holders meet the requirements of European standard EN 12586: 2007.

Please note! It is advisable to carefully check the chain before each use and dispose of it as soon as the first signs of damage or deterioration occur. The chain should never be lengthened or attached to clothes cords, ribbons, or other similar parts. Pacifier holder is not a toy.