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Oblumi Tapp thermometer

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The modern Oblumi Tapp thermometer that measure temperature accurate with infrared light, both in the ear and on the forehead!
Selected as Best Baby Product of the Year 2016

With the help of the modern Oblumi Tapp thermometer, you can easily and effortlessly monitor the temperature of your sick child. You get an app downloaded to your smartphone that allows you to keep track of your temperature readings or easily share information with your family member or perhaps even your doctor.

The Oblumi Tapp is a small part that connects to your smartphone. The Oblumi Tapp thermometer allows you to measure your child's fever from either your ear or forehead - it works both ways. You can also even measure the temperature of the liquids and make sure that the liquid to be given to the baby is not too hot or that the baby's bath water is at just the ideal readings for the bath moment.
  • Measure the exact temperature in just a few seconds.
  • The infrared sensor has been specially developed for medical use.
  • The application calculates the dosage of the drug Saves all data.
  • Displays the temperature history and amount of medication used so that the fever can be properly monitored. Share patient profiles.
  • You can create as many patients as you want and share them with as many users as you want. Send and receive messages.
  • You can send automatic messages to anyone you share information with. Alarm function.
  • Activate the alarm function so you never forget to measure your fever or take your medicine.
Compatibility: Compatible with iPhone and Android iOS systems. Also gets information from any computer or tablet. Oblumi Cloud synchronizes data between all units. You may need an adapter if your phone is a new model and does not have a round headphone slot. Adapters are easily available from home appliance stores as a headphone adapter, after purchasing this the product is compatible with all your devices, regardless of phone model.

Size: 5 x 2.4 x 1.8 cm