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Motorola MBP16 DECT babymonitor

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Motorola MBP16 Baby Monitor. The Motorola MBP16 Baby Monitor clearly displays room temperature, has a range of more than 300 meters and audibly alarms if the units are too far apart. The baby monitor does not interfere with other devices and is safe and cannot be intercepted.
The MBP 16 is a digital audio baby monitor by Motorola. Its DECT technology gives you peace of mind in knowing that its digital signal communication is secure so others cannot eavesdrop. It also ensures that it will remain free of interference from other wireless electronic devices commonly used around the home.

Room Temperatur Sensor
The monitor's transmitter is equipped with a room temperature sensor which is reported on the receiver's LCD display. You can ensure that it never gets too hot or too cold for your little one.

Up to 300M Range with "Out-of-Range" Warning
The superior wireless range of the MBP 16 lets you keep connected to your baby up to 300 meters away. So even if you have a larger home, you don't have to give up safety or the ability to stay connected to your little one. An alarm sounds when you're getting out of range of the transmitting unit, so you'll never have to wonder if you're close enough to hear what's going on.